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In preparing the second edition of The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian, we came across more material than the book’s introduction could do justice to. A web page seemed the ideal way to make these resources known; a site dedicated to all our publications was the next logical step.

We open it with the revised second edition of The Ascetical Homilies, and intend, with the Lord’s help, to add pages for all new publications and for those already in print.

Though our publications are already known here and there, the internet provides a possibility of informing and illustrating in ways that the printed book cannot, even as the dependability, dignity, and delight of the printed book can never be replaced by the mesmerizing and addictive flashings of the unreal electronic world.

The website is dedicated to the holy Great Martyr George, whose aid we have invoked at every step.

We thank John Snogren of Snogren Design for helping us to avoid some major pitfalls in the conceptual stages. We fell into others on our own.

May this and all things be to God’s glory.

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