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Photo of title page of Joachim Spetsieris's 1895 reprint of Theotokis's Ascetical Homilies
Photo of title page of Fr Kallinikos's translation into modern Greek of Theotokis's Ascetical Homilies

Further Dissemination of the Theotokis Text

The Greek edition of the The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian printed by Nikephoros Theotokis in Leipzig in 1770 soon became rare, but reprintings made it available to later generations.

At left is the title page of the edition issued by Fr. Joachim Spetsieris in 1895. It is a straight reprint of Theotokis’s text.

This edition provided for the further diffusion of St. Isaac’s writings through two French translations made directly from it.

Shown below that is the translation into modern Greek by Fr. Kallinikos of the Monastery of Pantokrator on Mt. Athos, printed by the Astir Publishing house in Athens.

Part literal translation, part paraphrase, with difficult passages glossed over or omitted, it nevertheless made St. Isaac’s writings available to a wider audience. This edition is discussed on pp. 92–3 of our Introduction, and it was beloved of the Elder Ieronymos of Aegina, as mentioned on p. 213 of his life.

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